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Amy Lee (b. 1980) has been practicing art since late 2012, when she came to drawing detailed landscapes, buildings, and portraits in pencil--following a single art class required for elective credits. Since then, she has branched out into a variety of mediums from traditional charcoals and paints, to digital creations made with tablet, technology, and expressive coding. She is bilingual, and enjoys making simple interactive elements to display by web archives. As of 2020, she resides in Houston, TX and freelances.


BA Arts +Technology, University of Oregon, 2019.
BA Chinese Language and Literatures with Minor in Classics, Portland State University, 2012.


John Berger, Ways of Seeing, 1972.
Susan Sontag, The Volcano Lover, 1992.
A Magical Glowing Forest Made With Light And Code. Liz Stinson for Wired online. Jan 7, 2015.

Solo Shows

Drawings and Watercolors, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2013.
Portraits for Today, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2015.

Group Shows

Treasure Hunt presented by Divided Alignment, University of Oregon, 2018.
The Mayor's Art Show, Emerald Art Center, Springfield Oregon, 2017.
au courant, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2014.


Artist Statement on New Media Art, October 2018.


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Amy Lee

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