abstract filaments

starfish buddy

hand-drawn digital letters jumble

a beautiful Chinese dancer at the Miller Outdoor Theater free summertime programming

symbolic branding

concept for commercial icon

interactive wall at CAM
Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston

digital chalk drawing to express
the emotion of embarassment

simple "mark", or
tri-color carrot trademark

coding joke: &-n-b-s-p is the shortcut for spacebar

painted after a day at the beach

The Peppa Family Tree:
an imagined family of three

powdered jelly donut
sugary effect

hand-stitched fluorescent cap

downtown peeps

design about "growth"





original sketch
for digital illustration

digital illustration
called "pencil pass-a-long"

original sketch
for design and logo

digital logo design
with color
*made in Inkscape
open source environment

drawn on iPhone screen

original illustration

crab claws
framed digital print

a Designer's Cheatsheet for Riding Motorcycles into the War...

stuck on you
glue bottle design

burger painting
Open acrylics
12in X 12in

"Stressed" spelled backwards
is "Desserts"
tote bag design



conceptual invitational celebratory design, made with Inkscape

Fran├žois and Smiley
(Fran├žois pictured...)


detailed digital drawing in Inkscape, printed as flexible magnet design